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At Skinney-Þinganes.

Tuesday 3rd of October

Dear Diary,

After a good night’s sleep we woke up to a new day of interesting activities. After petting the dog of our host, and having a bit of breakfast, we headed to the school, where we firstly met up other pals and had a bit of a chat, followed by Hjördís introducting us to the program of the day.

After we all were present with the program, ensued the guided tour around the school building, where we firstly saw the break room of the teachers, and lastly the public library, with some offices and classrooms in between.

Next we went back to the auditorium to listen to some presentations. Icelandic students presented their country, municipality and natural resources. Also Finnish and Norwegian students presented their natural resources in Finland and Norway.

After that we visited a fish factory. We had to put on a weird suit to ensure purity. Then we entered the factory and the smell was very very bad. We saw all the stages of fish prosessig. Finally we saw a presentation about the factory and its history. The whole experience was quite weird but also fun.

After the fish farm and lunch break we presented our presentations about Finland, and the municipality of Vaala. Norwegians had their presentations about their country and the municipality of Brønnøysund. All in all, every presentation was quite nice (👍🏻) and fun to watch.

In the afternoon we worked with the projects (posters) with the other students until the school day was over. After the school some of us went swimming at the local swimming hall (the pools were outside and it was quite cold 🙁 ). At the end of the day we went to the youth centre to team up. 

We have a long day tomorrow and not a lot of time to finish this so that’s all from us for today. Until next time!

~Kiti, Emmi, Nuutti and Konsta