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At Stokksnes.

Wednesday 4th of October

Dear diary,

We started the day of by eating our usual breakfast, before heading over to FAS. Everyone met up at the auditorium and Hjördís gave us a quick explanation of the program of the day.

Together, the groups continued to work with the project assignment that we started on Tuesday. The project is mainly about natural resources, and how to take advantage of them sustainably.

After working with the project for a couple of hours, we took a break and ate some oatmeal. Everybody talked non-stop for 15 minutes straight while eating. We also learned that there are many different ways to put topping on your oatmeal. The Norwegian kids top it off with sugar, cinnamon, and a clump of butter in the middle. The Icelandic kids pour in milk and stir everything together. But what the Finnish kids did, was a bit unclear…

We were lucky today that a lady named Hulda was able to give us a tour of Höfn. She told us all about how the town was created, what it looked like back in the old days and how they get their water. Did you know that the water in Höfn gets transported in pipes from the mountains?

For lunch, people went separate ways. Personally, we got to taste sausages that are called Pylsur in Icelandic, which we were told are a “must-try” when visiting Iceland. They are said to be one of the national dishes.

We closed off the school day by continuing with the group projects, before we went for more exiting activities.

After we were done working with the project for the day, we vent to a Viking village. This village is not a real Viking village, it was originally made as a movie set. However, the movie was never made, so the village is just open for tourist to visit. Visiting the village was really fun and it was so pretty.

We then went back to our hosts house to get some food that we brought to a farewell dinner at Hafið. We got to eat lots of traditional Islandic food, which was fun to try and really tasty. We even got to try shark meat. Some people dared to try it, but it was not for everybody. After the dinner we played some games and talked to everyone, before we said goodnight.